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Our Company Profile

Company Description:

JUPISAIN is a 100{ea9eab90857224676c5511cb80a67af28da1c1e0dc4aa52e3f54d8c4d43de0a0} export oriented company established in 2005. It is located in Dhaka, which is a 10 minutes drive from ZIA International Airport where most of the five star Hotels are located.

Merchandising System:

Our merchandising team Leader collects the order from Buyer and his role is specifically to make the offer based on the cost that we incur while making sweaters. We always try to make a competitive order so as to create a win-win situation for both the buyer and our company. The assistant merchandisers are always there to assist the whole process.

Quality Control System:

The quality control team monitors the production as per given introduction. The motto is to ensure the highest quality without any compromise and also to make sure that the shipment is made on time if not before.

Inline Inspection Checks:

After starting the production our quality control team justifies the test production by checking the paper measurement. Shrinkage and positioning of desired accessories as buyer’s requirement.

Middle Production Checks:

Middle production checks takes place after completion of about 50{ea9eab90857224676c5511cb80a67af28da1c1e0dc4aa52e3f54d8c4d43de0a0} of the production. They inspect the garments in production as per buyer’s requirements.

Final Random Inspection:

Quality Controller checks the packing list and quality. Shipping mark. ratio and blister size (if applicable) after completion of the production. At this point the Quality label like AQL or 4.5.

We believe we are here for our clients and their consumers and therefore we strive to produce the best quality products thus ensuring buyer satisfaction. We aspire to achieve win-win situations which will enable us to build long term and prosperous relationships with our buyers. R.R. Apparels is blessed with a group of talented and skilled employees who are fulfilling their duties with dedication and commitment, in order to provide every client with uncompromising quality through our merchandise.

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